About Us

About Us

Globalhandshake Enterprise is a privately owned investment and intermediary enterprise group primarily based in the UK with offices in London and Birmingham.

Being born in the year 2013 we are a new company giving a new lease of energy to a new generation of professionals via our own portfolio of brands and integrated services.

Globalhandshake Enterprise was formed with the focus of creating a positive synergy that fuses good will with the delivery of professional services. By constructing a strong organisational structure Globalhandshake Enterprise has built a solid foundation to enable innovative and long lasting enterprise strategies within various market sectors. These strategies communicate directly and transfer quality products and services, bringing goodwill and a breath of fresh air into the relevant market sectors throughout the globe.

Globalhandshake has three principle areas of business, namely;

  • Business Services
  • Special Event Management & Consultancy 

Whilst each operating division has its own market vision, mission and individual values, each share’s the creative vision, values and mission of the Enterprise.  The enterprise is focussed in delivering real value to our partners and clients who we work with.  As an Enterprise we maintain innovation, mental endurance and flexibility in volatile market conditions.

Globalhandshake structure is designed to grow and we invite business opportunities from global territories. We understand that by working positively with domestic and international partners across the world we can create and enjoying long term relationships within a variety of market sectors.


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